Contactless (QR Code) Table Ordering System for Restaurants

What is QR code ordering system?

QR code ordering system is also known as table ordering system or contactless food ordering system.

Why should restaurant have Contactless code system?


  1. In this version all the highlighted features are available.
  2. This system comes with a mobile app. The staff of your restaurant receives all the orders in this mobile app.
  3. The management process becomes easier as it also offers printer integration
  1. With this version, you can use the same menu as online ordering.
  2. No need to have multiple platforms for management.
  3. All the orders of your restaurant are received in the same mobile app where all other online orders are received.
  1. In the POS, table ordering system is also included without any additional cost
  2. You can get and manage orders directly from your point of sale system.
  3. The management process becomes easy and fast

Payment Options

The Restaurant manager can choose to provide the customers with multiple payment options.

  1. The restaurant manager can enable/disable this feature
  2. The customer can keep ordering the food and at last pay through cash.
  1. The customer can make the payment through an online card payment method.
  2. The payment can be done directly after placing the order through qr code ordering.
  1. In pin-based order, the restaurant staff generates a 4 digit pin and assigns it to the customer.
  2. The pin is generated with a single click and will be printed on the docket through a POS printer for each table
  3. With this, customers don’t have to pay after every single order.
  4. Customers can keep ordering and all orders will be added to the customer's table in the POS system and they can pay at the end of the order.
  5. Now, Restaurant staff can print another 4 digit code for the next customer. (This feature is available on point of sale only)

Printer & QR Code

Printer Integration

A cloud printer supplied by Foodship or Epson network printers is compatible with printer integration.

Printable QR Codes

The restaurant can easily create simple menus or Multi-level menus for customization like make your own salad or pizza, Combos, half and half pizza.