How to create a gift voucher.

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Gift voucher page can be enabled or disabled. To enable the gift voucher feature:

  1. Go to settings. Scroll down and enable the ‘Gift Vouchers Page’.

To enable the payment using gift voucher, enable ‘Gift Vouchers (Payment)’. The customer will not be able to redeem the vouchers unless this setting is enabled.

Types of voucher gifts


In this, the customer can directly buy the gift voucher from the website by paying online. The voucher is sent to the customer via email. The customer can directly send the gift voucher to their family and friends too. 


The complimentary gift vouchers are mainly for compensation. For example, if the customer was not satisfied with your services, you can compensate them by gifting them a free gift voucher. A gesture like this ensures the customer’s satisfaction. 

How to add a new gift voucher:

1. Sign in to your admin panel using your backend URL which is similar to  “yourdomainname/login”.

2. On the left navigation, go to the ‘Promotion > Gift Voucher’.

3. Click on ‘Add new gift voucher’ on the top right corner.

4. Fill in the details of the voucher and click on submit.

The sales price is the amount at which the customer can buy the voucher. The amount is the actual worth of the voucher which the customer gets after buying the voucher. For example, if the sales price is $50 and the amount is $85, this means the customer just needs to pay $50 to buy the voucher but he can redeem it for something worth $85. Pay $50 and get $85.

In house dining is when the customer visit your restaurant in person. Online food ordering is when the customer orders the food online from your restaurant.

5. A gift voucher is successfully created.

Gift Voucher Report

To check the gift voucher report, click on Re

1. Dashboard

Brief details about Retail and complimentary gift voucher show up here.

2. Redeem

The details of redeemed vouchers are shown here with the code of voucher, voucher name, details of the buyer, and remaining amount. To see the details of the redeemed voucher, click on view.

3. Users

The users who have bought the vouchers show up here with their name, email ID, phone number, type of voucher bought by them.

4. Gift to others

If you want to gift a complimentary gift voucher to the new or already existing customers, you can do it using this option.

To gift a complimentary gift voucher to an existing customer, select the type of customer as Existing, select the name of the customer and click on submit.

To gift a complimentary gift voucher to a new customer, select the type of the customer. Enter the name, phone number, email of the customer, and click on submit.

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