How to design your restaurant to attract customers?

Food is the main attraction for every restaurant, but how about impressing your customers even before they taste your food? Yes, you can impress your customers by making an appealing visual impact. Design and decoration is an integral part of your restaurant. It influences the satisfaction and behavior of your customer.

Good interior design can be a USP of your restaurant. People love to visit unique and engaging places. If you want to attract customers and retain them, you need to build a welcoming, compelling, and engaging ambiance keeping in mind the type of customers you want to attract.

Attracting customers is a challenging task, and if you struggle to fill your tables, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. We will walk you through some fantastic strategies to design your restaurant to attract more customers. The idea behind building an attractive ambiance is to put your customer at ease so that they can have a fantastic dining experience. When your customers feel comfortable, they spend more time and eventually end up ordering more. So, let’s quickly dive in to know:

Ten(10) tips to improve the design of your restaurant to attract customers-

  1. Start with an eye-catching entrance:
    The entrance is the crucial element that gives your customer a clue about what they can expect. It’s the first impression your diner gets, so don’t give your entrance an afterthought. The entry should provide a glimpse of your branding strategy, which will help your customers perceive better.


  2. Choose the right colors and themes:
    Colors can create a powerful impact on your customers. The theme and color you choose could be based on the type of food you serve and the type of customers you want to attract. If the vibe from colors and theme doesn’t match the food you serve, it will be the biggest blunder.

  3. The choice of your music playlist should complement your design:
    Make sure the music matches the vibe of your restaurant. Good music will give your customers an excellent sensory experience. The song’s volume shouldn’t be too loud to disturb your customers unless they are in a bar.

  4. Set a comfortable seating design:
    After your customer has entered impressed with everything in place, it’s time to give them a comfortable seating experience. Provide them comfortable seats so that they can stick longer. Do not overcrowd, figure out the maximum number of people you can accommodate comfortably, and then design the seating plan.

  5. Be careful of HVAC:
    The last thing you want to hear from your customers is complaints about HVAC. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The temperature of your restaurant shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. It makes customers uneasy. Your restaurant should provide good HVAC services.

  6. Use correct restaurant lightning:
    Choose lights that enhance the overall look of your restaurant. The best tip here is to get enough natural light in your restaurant. According to the vibe you want, set the lighting. For example, to give your customers a warm feeling, you can use yellow lights more and light
    candles around to give a nice overall effect. Lights positively influence the mood of your customers.

    Restaurant Lightning as per Ambiance - Foodship

  7. Keep in mind the condition of your furniture, glasses, and plates:
    To set a good atmosphere for your restaurant, the furniture and crockery need to be appropriate. They must be well maintained and looked after. The design and color of your furniture and pottery should complement the theme of your restaurant. Do not keep broken furniture or crockery into the picture.

  8. Get rid of anything and everything that could drive your customers away:
    Be mindful of small things people neglect while maintaining the restaurant. From using the wrong scent/aroma to arranging tables near the washroom, it is not acceptable. The scent of your restaurant plays an important role. Moreover, a study shows that a good scent can increase your food sales by 300%.
    So set a pleasing aroma, keep your washrooms clean, and do not arrange tables near restrooms.

  9. Add unique little details so set your restaurant apart:
    It’s time for your place to have something different from others. A notable factor that sets you apart from the crowd. You can find your signature decor pieces to make a difference, but here are some things you can do. For example use plants, creatively designed walls, and transform furniture. These small details will make a difference.

  10. Always stand up to the expectations of your customer:
    Know your target audience and try to understand them better by getting reviews. Above all, it will give you a clear idea of what they expect from you and what changes you need to make. And that’s it. You have everything you need to attract your customers. Therefore, apply these tips and increase your revenue with strategic executions.

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